This is so important! For a while now Tumblr has had it set so that a warning pops up when you attempt to enter the thinspo tag. For anyone who doesn’t already know:

Thinspo typically refers to the promoting of weight loss, through the methods of anorexia and bulimia.

They set this warning in hopes of course, that it would keep girls and boys from losing weight in a harmful way, as well as give them an outlet for help if they are.

They put a warning on this tag because it promotes eating disorders.

The fatspo tag is still up and open to access at will.

Fatspo promotes the idea of overeating, binging, and obesity.

This tag equally promotes eating disorders. Why is this tag not also hidden with a warning with access to help for people who involve themselves in similar unhealthy tendencies? 

We need to spread awareness on this. If Tumblr is going to put up a warning over thinspo, then fatspo should have one too. Eating disorders of any kind should NOT be promoted. Promoting obesity is promoting eating disorders.

1-2 out of every 100 students struggle with eating disorders in America.